I buried my leather jacket, patched the holes in my jeans, and tried to pluck the chords like stitches from my chest.. but he still speaks to me. When the world is larger than I am, when my chest is a vice.. I put that needle on the record, I turn it up until I can’t hear shit, and I tell myself: as long as I have hands, I can break something. As long as we can breathe, we can sing. As long as I can remember, I will hear him– he says, β€œkid, you’ll be fine.”


How a human lung is kept alive and breathing for a transplant
Lung in a box. Very cool.
To extend the time an organ can last before it’s transplanted into a recipient, engineers have developed the Organ Care System — which is essentially a box pumping blood and oxygen to the lung.   
As Gizmodo explains: 
What’s especially neat about the OCS is that they can actually be used to improve imperfect donor lungs by flushing it with antibiotics and nutrients. Like refurbishing a lung, sort of. Putting donor lungs through the OCS helps increase and improve the number of potential donor lungs. Not every donor lung is usable, donor lungs that go through the OCS may be.
Learn more about lung transplants at Al Jazeera America. 


If you really think about it… So true. I can relate to this so much.

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the difference between tattoed people and not tattoed people is….

Being sick and heartbroken is the worst kind of miserable.